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Journey Home


"I want to go back to Nigeria mainly because

I believe I can contribute."

Uncle Jimi

Uncle Jimmy Quote


The Story

Journey Home is a multimedia project that explores how migration can affect one’s notion of masculinity and their perception of home.


Inspired by first-hand personal experiences, supported by expert conversations, Journey Home uses documentary and podcast to convey the ever-changing and complex concept of masculinity, and its interrelations with migration in the UK, told from a West African perspective. 

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The Documentary 

Journey Home explores the relationship between migration and its impact on our understanding of masculinity, family, and home. 

The Podcast 

Home & Away is a personal and insightful perspective on the effects of migration and its impact on the wider family life.


The A-Team 

Ahmed Gad

Ahmed Gad

Videographer & Editor


Tiwalola Odukoya

Producer & Sound Manager 

Abraham Ologundudu

Abraham Ologundudu

Photographer & Designer

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